From late fall to spring: natural sauna & ice bathing! Made entirely of wood and covered with wooden shingles, the sauna is tucked away at the edge of the forest just. We preheat the stove to approx. 75°C for you, then you can add a few more logs yourself if desired.

The sauna is cozy and ideal for two, but it's also suitable for four. You have a great view through the large panoramic window facing the lake, but only if you are in the sauna before sunset ;-)

In front of the sauna is a small wooden deck with two loungers, and on the lakeshore is the floating Chill-Out-Deck. Sissies dip their big toe in briefly, real babes & chaps dive all the way into the icy waters...

Afterwards: delicious Fondue Bourguignonne in front of the fireplace >>>