Fondue Bourguignonne

Fondue Bourguigonne - a feast & slow food par excellence! The beef fillet comes directly from the Herefords on the neighboring farm (which, by the way, also graze on Beniaskie! as shown in the photo) and is dry-aged for several weeks - incredibly juicy & tender.

We'll provide you with a complete set including a cast-iron fondue pot, fondue forks, rapeseed oil, baguettes, sour-sweet garnishes, our homemade Beniaskie! sauce made according to grandma's recipe, and of course as much Hereford fillet as you allow yourself. Make a fresh salad and bring some good red wine to go with it...

Then just cut the fillet into cubes, heat the rapeseed oil and off you go: skewer and cook - from rare to well done, depending on how you like it best.